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Fusing plastic bags into a recyclable bag project

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 Hello.  My daughter and I made these bags sewn together from plastic material we made from melting walmart sacks together.  

You need:

  1. 48 Walmart sacks to make 4 bags. 
  2. An iron set on medium low.  You'll have to experiment.....don't have it to high or you'll waste your bags.
  3. A sewing machine with a quilting needle...size 16 or larger
  4. pieces of fabric to make designs to sew on....Like the tree, flowers, owl, cat and mouse in the pic.  
  5. Scissors
  6. Parchment paper

Step 1:  Cut the bottom and handles off of the Walmart sacks, and the part that says: Walmart.  You will now have 48 rectangles.  

Step 2:  Group them in layers of 6.  

Step 3:   Between 2 pieces of parchment paper (different from wax must say parchment)

Slowly move the iron across the six bags.  It will take you about 10 minutes to fuse these SLOWLY...KEEP THE IRON moving.  If it is too will shrink up really fast.  

Step 4:  Take your 8 fused rectangles.  These are your plastic fabric. Cut them into  24'' x 12'' rectangles.  Then take 4 of those, and cut them into 12" x 12" squares.  You will now have 8 squares that will be the front and back of your 4 bags.  (And 4- 24" x 12" rectangles left for steps 7 & *)

Step 5:  On 4 of these squares sew little animals, trees, cat and mouse, ballet slippers, your name...whatever. We used some left over appolstry fabric.   These will be crude, unfinished.  My daughter did them freehand b/c she is an artist.  :) Use your imagination.  You can cut your name out of fabric, or put:  EGGS with a CHICKEN.  Whatever!  Have fun!  DANCE  with ballet shoes!  

Step 6:  Crudely hand sew these little things on 4 of your 12 x 12 squares.  Or you can run the sewing machine over them...doesn't need to be perfect.  

Step 7: You now should have 4 24" x 12" rectangles left.   Take one and cut 8- 24 x 1.5" strips for handles. 

Step 8: With the 3 remaining 24" x 12" rectangles, cut 12 - 6" x 12" pieces.  These are the sides and bottoms of 4 bags.  

Step 9: Sew the pieces together in this pattern:  













Step 10:  Sew on the handles.  Sew up the sides last.  

I'm not going to lie, this was TIME CONSUMING.  Don't stress yourself out; it is supposed to be fun.  Do it over a week period of time.  DON'T DO IT TWO DAYS BEFORE XMAS!!!  My  daughter kept telling to me WE ARE NOT QUITTING.....KEEP WORKING!!! 

I don't drink, but you might want to have a cocktail.  :-)  

If you do repost this, please say that you got it from my blog, and that you listen to our show.  6am-10am weekdays:  Fotsch and McClain's Morning Buzz.  (Listen live at  download the app there too.  

Love,  Dawn McClain

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