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Working Hard to Get What you Want

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It's January, and everyone is focused on fitness. 

Apparently, people lose their momentum about mid March and it's back to sitting on the couch.

I do pilates once a week, and try to do Zumba at least once a week.  I know it isn't enough to get what I want.  I look at how much time and effort some people put into the obsession of getting fit.  I do believe I could spend all of this time doing it, but the problem is,

How bad do I want it?

Here is a link to some butt exercises.  This chick has an awesome one.  I can't put the pic on the website because it's quite frankly a bit too naked.

I am going to TRY TRY TRY my hardest to add another Zumba class to my week, and do these butt exercises once a week.

I am wondering if I need to start hard core lifting to get really great fitness model results.  Do I have to do deadlifts (not that bad) but what about squats?  I can barely squat the bar, which is 40 lbs.  I am also very awkward at it; I always feel so insecure and like I don't have it right.  I would do anything else to avoid squats with heavy weight.

I have to keep reminding myself that I am healthy and I am lucky to have a healthy body.  Some people would love to work out, but they are too sick or disabled.  

That's my blog for the day! 

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