Throwback Thursday: Taylor Swift Style

In celebration of reputation coming out tomorrow, I am throwing it back to all the Taylor Swift concerts I have been to (which, yes has been at least once every tour). For those who may not know, my concert count for Swift dates alone is somewhere around 12-15. Not even joking. I LOVE going to her shows and suggest that everyone go to at least one! The photos below are ones that I have taken. 

Album #1: Taylor Swift (June 2008)

Album #2: Fearless (Aug & Sept 2009)

Album #3: Speak Now (May 2011)

Album #4: Red (Aug 2013)

Album #5: 1989 (Sept 2015)

Superbowl Saturday: (Feb 2017)

Looking through the past 10 years of being a Swiftie, I searched high and low through the internet for some of my favorite videos Taylor has been a part of....sadly I could not include all of them. 

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