Everyone knows Halloween is just a contest to see whose costume is the coolest and this year you can have the upper hand. Still looking for a Halloween costume? Power 965 has you covered! Check out this year’s trending costumes!

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1. Eleven from Stranger Things

On a scale of 1 to 10 this costume is an ELEVEN!!! Grab your waffles and turn the world Upside Down!

Eleven Stranger Things

2. Ride the President

Make Halloween great again with a Presidential piggyback!

Ride the President

3. Oreo Costume

Double stuffed with creme filling!


4. David S. Pumpkins

Any questions?!?

David S. Pumpkins

5. Inflatable T-Rex

Get prehistoric with a twist on last Halloween’s favorite!


6. Hipster Ariel

Make this mermaid a part of your world!

Hipster Ariel

7. Avocado

Perfect costume for the morning-after Halloween “Guac” of shame!


8. Beer Pong Table

The only sports team that matters!

Beer Pong Table

8. Princess Peach

She’s the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and always in another castle!

Princess Peach

9. Mario

His name is Mario Mario the plumber and he’s ready to take down some Koopa scum!


10. Sloth from Goonies

Hey you guys, check out this sweet Goonies costume!

Sloth from 'Goonies'


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