There has been several viral videos that become a ‘must-try’ and this challenge was no exception. The Paper Challenge really took off in fitness communities because without strength, balance, and a little patience, you will not be able to complete the task.

The Paper Challenge is simple. You fold a piece of paper in half and set it on the floor like a tent and try to pick it up….the catch? You have to stand on one foot and pick the paper up with your mouth without any other part of you touching the floor. The idea may seem simple, but it’s actually harder than it looks.

We put our Power 96.5 staff and other office staff to the test to see just who had it in them to do it. To make it even better, we created 3 levels everyone tried to complete. The first task was a taller piece of paper just to get the feel for what needed to be done. Next, was a regular size paper set “hotdog style” and if you dared to complete that, you moved on to the paper being placed “hamburger style” on the floor.

Watch below to see just how some of us were able to handle the challenge!

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