This season of The Bachelor definitely was dramatic! The 3-hour finale aired Monday night where millions witnessed bachelor, Arie, send Lauren home and choose Becca K to be his future wife. At least that’s what we thought was happening….For the first time, producers showed uncut, unedited footage of Arie ending things with Becca after about a month and a half because he wanted to try with Lauren. Uhm, WHAT?!

Fast forward to last night when the After the Rose aired. Chris Harrison spoke with Becca K live about looking back on what happened and how much Bachelor Nation was upset by what happened. Bachelor Nation has had an outpour of support for Becca since learning about her major heartbreak, that fans began a Venmo.

The Venmo account began as a joke that “Becca deserves to have a drink”…but the support for her began adding up and had totaled out to around $6,000 last night. As Becca explained in the video below, she loves wine, but she never would be able to drink that much. So, she came up with a better use of the money and is planning on donating it to Stand Up for Cancer. Chris Harrison even agreed to have the network match it, making the total donation $12,000.

We will get to see a lot more of her soon because Chris Harrison revealed last night that Becca will be the next bachelorette! The next season of The Bachelorette airs May 28th on ABC.

See some of people’s comments on Venmo here

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