The Springfield area will soon be home to a new 33,200 square foot sports facility that will be able to host hundreds of teams and tournaments from around the city and state each year.

Construction on the Strafford Sports Center broke ground in March and is scheduled for completion late this summer.

The four-court facility’s initial focus will be basketball, but facility management have plans to expand to volleyball and possibly other sports as well.

“We all have children here who love to play basketball. As they’ve grown in their love for the sport, we’ve continued to see an ongoing need for gym space for local families. The few places there are to play in the area are normally at full capacity,” says general manager Jeremy Compton.

“There’s been a few changes recently as far as options for where teams can play and host tournaments locally, and the owners here just want to make sure there is opportunity for everyone to pursue their love of sports. It’s something we’re all passionate about.”

Although the Strafford Sports Center will cater to all ages from elementary to college-age teams, Compton emphasizes their commitment to providing a safe and welcoming environment for youth sports enthusiasts.

“Our number one priority is the kids. Our facility is being built to offer a fun and safe environment for kiddos to play and learn to grow in their love for sports. And, for parents with young ones who aren’t yet involved in sports, one thing we are very excited to offer is our fully chaperoned SSC kidZone, which will include all kinds of awesome interactive games, arcade games, and inflatables,” says Compton.

Several large local companies of note have expressed interest in financially backing the project. However, no contracts have been signed, “This isn’t really about the money for any of us here, so all that kind of came secondary in the process. But, yes, there’s definitely been some interest in sponsorship, naming rights, advertising programs, all that sort of stuff, and we’ll definitely be developing all that.”

Parents, players, coaches, and community members who want up-to-date information on the progress of this project can visit, where they’ll be able to sign up to receive emails regarding construction progress, hiring details, and other general information as it becomes available.