Construction companies are having a tough time finding workers to keep up with all the jobs in the Springfield area.

Architect Tim Rosenbury is the Director of Quality of Place Initiatives for the City of Springfield.

He says Springfield’s future depends on more young people considering a career in the skilled trades.

“For us to have a successful and strong economy, then the building enterprise – construction – needs to be staffed with some of our brightest and our best.”

He says construction is what drives the local economy.

“When you think of the built environment — what gets built in Springfield — it’s not just carpenters. It’s not just guys with hammers or women with hammers. It’s people who deliver things. It’s people who design things. It’s people who finance things. It’s people who own those things.”

“The future of our community really depends on having a workforce that can take us into the future and sustain it. And a lot of that is construction.”

The Springfield Chamber of Commerce says there are a lot of jobs available because older workers are retiring.

And most jobs in the skilled trades don’t require a four-year degree.

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