That shower you took this morning. The road you’re driving on. The power that drives your computer. A lot of people help make it happen, and keep it going!

So what happens when they’re not there? Where is the next generation of builders, fixers, and fabricators?

Power 96.5, in partnership with the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, want YOU to help us frame the future of the Ozarks.

A four-year college degree is a great option, but not every high-opportunity field requires one. There are many incredible career opportunities available to you right now!

Set yourself up for a lifetime of success when you consider a career in construction, HVAC, manufacturing, plumbing, agriculture, and more!

Careers in the trades teach you lifelong, practical skills. Your training will be a fraction of the cost of a 4-year college.

You’ll earn good money and valuable experience that could even lead you to operating your very own business.

The best part is that skilled labor occupations are always in high demand.

Check out the average wage of several, local, trades careers in the graph below. Also, see the average overtime pay-per-year for trades careers in Springfield.

What do you say? Do you want to frame a future of success?

Take the next step today. Look into career options with local companies, like our good friends at H-VAC & Central Plumbing!

Below are several companies that provide great on-the-job training. Click on the business name to learn more about what each company does. Push the “CLICK HERE” link to learn about open positions and career opportunities.











“Trade of the Week Sponsor” (7/19 – 7/25): H-VAC & Central Plumbing

H-VAC & Central Plumbing – From their site “Where We Began. Frank Stevens began his journey into the HVAC industry at a young age along side his father, once out on his own he worked hard to receive his master mechanical, plumbing, and gas licenses. After receiving his master status Frank organized H-VAC in 1993 and purchased Central Plumbing & Forced Air Furnace in 1995, ultimately incorporating into what is now known as H-VAC & Central Plumbing.

As the years went on Frank made a name for himself with with expert knowledge in the industry and his top quality craftsmanship that accompanied it, H-VAC & Central Plumbing was then awarded the first Premier Lennox Dealer status in southwest Missouri. As the years passed H-VAC & Central Plumbing gained life-long customers in the community, ones we still work for today.”

Learn more when you visit their “About us” page CLICK HERE.