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The Dragon Writers, a group of four local authors who write science fiction and fantasy, will present panel discussions on How To Get Started Writing and Keep Going, and Writing for Publication at Visioncon at the Springfield Expo Center in Springfield May 10 through 12.

Dragon Writers is a division of Mid South Writers Group based in Cassville. The four authors appearing at Visioncon have books published or under contract with Oghma Creative Media. The team will present How To Get Started Writing and Keep Going at 1:45 p.m. on both Friday, May 10 and Saturday, May 11. On Sunday, May 12, at 10 a.m., the panel will discuss Writing For Publication.

Matt Eschbach, of Springfield, has his first science fiction novel, The Twelfth Dimension, scheduled for publication in September. In the book, Noman Pepper wakes from cold sleep on Sedonea, a planet he’s never heard of. As he begins his new life, he finds Sedonea holds many mysteries. What is sedmyr, the blue energy everyone, even he, can conjure at will? Questions pile up with no easy answers. Before he can sort it all out, an old enemy, the Andromish, follow him to Sedonea and attack. Worse, Pepper’s memories begin to change. Who is he, really? When the dust settles, Sedonea is changed forever.

“Matt is an amazingly talented and imaginative writer,” said Barbara Warren, founding member of Mid South Writers Group. “We have already seen great writing from this young man, and we expect him to have a long and productive career.”

His next four books, part of the Molythego anthology, are already under contract with Oghma Creative Media. The series chronicles the evolution of life on a system of planets in the Molythego system as humans utilize, protect, and nurture the magic that will repel the coming of a ruinous god.

Cassville author Prix Gautney has had two books in her five-book young adult fantasy series published. The first novel, Season of Crows, follows the story of Ash, a young mouse trying to find his place in the world after the tragic loss of his entire family. As his life is turned upside down by a terrible drought and a deadly attack by the crows, Ash must find the courage to survive and protect the ones he loves.

Ash’s story continues in book two, Season of Madness, along with a number of other characters Gautney’s readers have learned to love. In this second installment of her Evershade series, a terrifying plague called “The Madness” ravages the countryside. When infected creatures from beyond Evershade’s borders begin wandering in, the only option for the peaceful, compassionate residents of Evershade may be to hunt the infected before they can destroy everything they hold dear.

“Although Gautney’s books are primarily aimed at young adults, the complexity of the plots and the characters have won the hearts of readers of all ages, male and female,” said Susan Eschbach, president of the Mid South Writers Group. “Everyone can find one of her characters with whom he or she can closely identify. When one of them dies, it’s like losing a close friend.”

A full-time writer and mother, Gautney grew up in Jenkins. “I began writing in elementary school, when I became frustrated by the lack of reading material available in the small community during the summer,” Gautney said. “My early stories were intended to entertain my friends, but in the process, I discovered I had both a talent for and a love of writing. The stories of the Evershade community have grown out of that beginning.”

Gautney has a total of seven additional books under contract, including three more Evershade novels, several children’s picture books, and a western novel. She also has plans to expand the Evershade series with a spin-off trilogy and picture books for younger readers.Rose Sartin of Cassville had her debut novel, Bound By Honor, published in 2017. The science fiction romance tells the story of Doctor Amber Donovan who is kidnapped by Rhyel, commander of the Guardians of New Centallus. Desperate to save their species and protect the Acqeli, the catalyst for the annihilation of their home world, the Guardians colonize a young planet, and barter for brides from Earth’s Third World countries. But babies are dying before they can be born, and Amber’s unique training is the colony’s only hope for survival. Amber and Rhyel face nearly insurmountable challenges as their love grows, but love has a way of reaching across galaxies. Acqeli, the trilogy’s prequel novella, is published as an e-book and can be found on Amazon.

Sartin’s second book in the trilogy will be released in October. She is under contact for the third book in the Centallian Guardian trilogy, as well as an Osage paranormal romance.

“It took decades to find a publisher willing to chance a novel that gives the reader an equal measure of science fiction and romance,” Sartin said. “I’m glad I didn’t give up on my dream.”

Man On The Fringe, the second book in Susan Eschbach’s science fiction series Fringe Cycle, was published in March. The first book, A Trial By Error, was released in 2018. Her books chronicle the life of interstellar pilot Dahvin Tave, from his arrest by Alliance Enforcers for a murder he didn’t commit, through his triumphant return to The Fringe of the Milky Way and revenge against his former alien nemesis, to his final salvation in the arms of his fiery-haired love, Tessiana d’Tieri. Eschbach has three additional books under contract.

“It’s been a strange journey,” Eschbach said. “My best friend talked me into joining the writing group in 2008. Back then, I had no intention of even writing a novel, let alone seeking publication. Now I’m hooked and I can’t stop writing.”

In addition to their seminars, all of the authors will be available at their Visioncon booth and will be happy to autograph books. All of the published books will be available at Visioncon, and are also available at amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.

For additional information, contact Susan Eschbach at scifiwriter12@gmail.com.