Power Purse

Every woman dreams of owning the perfect DESIGNER handbag and Power 96.5 wants to give them the chance, but that's not it! We are giving our listeners the chance at the handbag filled with money! All brought to you by Glennstone Roofing and Gutters.

Every weekday for 6 weeks, Power is giving our listeners a chance to call in during the 6, 8, Noon, 3, and 5 o' clock hours with their guess on how much money they believe is in 1 of the 6 designer handbags we've selected. If guessed wrong, our on-air staff will say if the amount needs to be lower or higher. If the guess is correct, the listener will win the bag and ALL the money inside! The amount inside each bag will vary between $1-$2,000.  

Listen every week day starting at 6am with Fotsch and Sarah to get your guess in!

You can find the previous day's guesses here

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