Long Votes To Strike Down Abortion Rule

Southwest Missouri Congressman Billy Long voted on Thursday in favor of striking down a rule that would make it mandatory for all states to fund abortion services. 

"No state or taxpayer should be forced to fund health care services that perform abortions," says Rep. Long. 

The rule, which was introduced by the Obama Administration, would require states to use Title X health care funds to fund abortions through organizations like Planned Parenthood. 

"By forcing states to fund these health care facilities, money is being taken away from health care centers that offer a broader range of services. Something men and woman both need access to." 

Title X, which is a program under the U.S. Department of Social Services, was created to help low-income and uninsured people with family planning.

The program is used to fund resources such as contraceptives, STD and HIV prevention, adolescent sex education, and breast and cervical cancer screenings. According to the Department's website, Title X grants do not currently fund abortions. 


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