We love seeing patriotism, especially in our youth!

Right now we think it’s more important than ever.

You can help us start every morning with our Nation’s Pledge of Allegiance.

Power 96.5 and Blake Cantrell Real Estate want to challenge the most patriotic kiddos in the 417! We need your help in giving our listeners a full year of Pledge Kids!

Share a recording of your child delivering the Pledge Of Allegiance for a chance to have their recording on-air for a whole week in the 2020 year!

What do you say kids? Do you want to be our newest Pledge Kid?!

Submit your recording today!

Click here to submit your kid’s recording!

Click below to hear an excellent example from our friend Avery!

*Don’t forget to say your name and age when recording your pledge!

September 2020 – Elyana from Springfield, MO!

September 2020 – Braslie from Springfield, MO!

September 2020 – Taylor from Springfield, MO!