Jesse McCartney releases new music video after 4 years

Jesse McCartney is back with new music! The singer, now 30, released his latest music video "Better with You" a couple weekends ago after a 4-year hiatus. His sophomore album, In Technicolor, came out in 2014 and fans have been waiting for the artist's new music since.

In the video, he meets a girl for the first time after she drops her purse and a quarter falls out, rolling over and hitting McCartney in the foot, and he runs after her. We watch as their love story plays out, showing any little thing can cause a huge impact in lives. The hidden message of the video is not to take things for granted.

At the end of the video, the same scene plays, but this time McCartney doesn't get the girl. The rolling quarter misses his shoe and a different guy is seen chasing after the girl.

Watch the video for "Better with You" below.

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