Meet the girl behind "Alissa Explains"

10 Fast Facts about Alissa

1. She graduated from Missouri State University in 2015 with degree in Fashion Merchandising. She has been a part of our radio station for 1 year now. 

2. Die-hard Swiftie. She has gone to a minimum of 15 of her concerts and even was lucky enough to have gotten invited last February to the Super Saturday performance before the SuperBowl. 

3. She absolutely loves spending time and spoiling her 4-year-old nephew. 

4. Her inspiration in life is her older sister. 

5. Her celebrity crushes are Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes. (there is even a Biebs calendar at her desk in the office)

6. Organization is definitely her strength.... it's lists, on lists, on lists

7. Crafting is her favorite hobby... like she LOVES it way too much

8. Sushi is her go-to food choice.

 9. It's not a normal day if doesn't say something sassy or give sass.

10. Alissa is a coffee addict. She has her own personal coffee bar at her desk, including a Keurig.

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